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    1. ABOUT US

      Qingdao Yingyan Chemical, as a leading supplier of Pigments and Dyes located in China, we are supplying a comprehensive line of colorants, including pigments, pearlescents and dyes worldwide with various types based on different requests from customers, mainly focus on Printing inks, Paints and Coatings, Plastics, Construction, Rubber, Dyeing, Cosmetics industries……

      We are fully dedicated to improve the quality and services by using advanced technologies & professional knowledge and experiences. Our advantage is to supply customers with consistent and stable quality products and best services.

      • Integrity

      • Responsibility

      • Innovation

      • Sharing

      We have a quality inspection center, and our technical operators have formulated a strict operating instruction, to ensure the product quality control from raw material inspection, finished product inspection, application performance inspection and all the other links. We have some advanced detecting instruments, as well as colorimeters, “Red Devil” oscillators, Plastic mixing mills, three-roller grinders, sand mills, printing performance testers and other kinds of application test equipments, which ensure to provide customers with satisfied products and good technical support service.