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    1. PRODUCT

      Milori Blue/Prussian Blue/Iron Blue

      C.I. Pigment Blue 27

      HS-Code:                            32041700

      EINECS-Number:                247-304-1

      CAS-Number:                     25869-00-5

      Chemical Formula:       Fe(NH4)Fe(CN)6.xH2O

      Packing: 25kg/bag, 10mts/20’FCL

      Main Application: Offset printing inks, Solvent printing inks, Paints

      Micronized Prussian Blue (for pesticides, Agriculture application)

      Packing: 10kg/bag, 7mts/20’FCL with pallets, 350kgs/pallet

      Main Application:

      It is in micronized powder.

      It is  well used for agricultural chemicals pesticide,applied to bactericides of

      grapes and other crops  in European and American markets.